During this time, shipping and delivery of products has been more of a challenge.  There are fewer commercial flights and that has impacted delivery.  Typically, items would be initially shipped by air from the warehouse.  Now that flights are way down, either additional shipping costs are added or there are delays with delivery that could be around the 2-4 weeks’ time frame.  

Please be understanding during this time because these things are out of our control and are impacting everyone.  You won't necessarily see better shipping and delivery dates with other suppliers even if there are very high shipping fees because the method of delivery has been impacted.

We want to maintain our free shipping and US shipped standards for most of our products, as well as to keep costs down.  On our very popular items, where shipping cost would prohibit free shipping, we have added an international shipping option.

We greatly appreciate your business and patience with us during this trying time.

Feel free to email us at any time for updates at  


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